The Road to Getting My Smile Back!

Today is the day that I start the process of getting my teeth fixed. I have to get 26 teeth or whats left of them pulled over the next few months and then I will get partials.

Too be be honest, I am excited! It has been over 3 years since I haven’t been ashamed to give a big, wide smile. All my smiles have looked like smirks as I have tried to hide the nastiness in my mouth.

But along with the excitement comes some fear and nervousness. I need a lot of work done and it is going to hurt for awhile! Today, I am getting five teeth pulled and it is just the first of 3-4 of these types of appointments.

I am asking that you pray for me today as I go in.

  1. Pray for my peace of my mind
  2. Pray for my comfort and quick healing
  3. Pray for the dentist as he does the work
  4. Pray that I can finish getting the money together to cover all the work needed.

To that last request, I have been saving and setting aside some money the last 6 months but I think that it will cost more than originally plan due to some of the teeth having to be surgically removed instead of just pulled.

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Donate through PayPal!

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