3 Ways To Be A Horrible Church Member

Have you ever wondered if you are a horrible church member??

Your preacher would never tell you that you are a horrible church member, but I am sure, like the rest of us, they rate everyone they deal with. Probably along the lines of excellent to horrible!

At work, every supervisor can give you a list of who they would pick first to do a job and who they would pick last. It is like that in every business, corporation, playground, sports field and even in church. You have good workers and you have bad workers. You have good athletes and you have bad athletes. You have good church members and you have bad church members.

So how can you be a horrible church member? What can you do to be picked last?

The first thing to being a horrible church member is to NOT PARTICIPATE in anything the church has going on! Only show up on Sunday mornings for the church service. Don’t go to Sunday school because people will start thinking you are going to be there every week for Sunday school. Definitely don’t show up Sunday night or Wednesday nights. Don’t go to any conferences or other preaching events hosted by the church. Any visitation and outreach ministries…avoid those like the plague! When the church asks for volunteers, make sure you put your hands in your pockets so you aren’t tempted to raise your hand! Really the best thing to do to be a horrible church member is show up late and leave early, no one has chance to tempt you with coming back on Sunday night or asking you to participate in anything going on.

Now that you understand how to not participate, the next step is to NOT PROMOTE that you go to church. You don’t want to tell anyone about the church you go to. Just let everyone think you live a mysterious life by disappearing for one on Sunday morning. Don’t dress up when you go to church on Sunday morning, you don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea that you are heading to or heading home from church. Definitely don’t grab any of those church tracts on the way out the door, you don’t need to promote your church to anyone. At work during the week, DO NOT mention church to anyone! Don’t say anything about Jesus, about church, about the Bible; let everyone think you just sleep in and watch football all Sunday.

Don’t participate, don’t promote, and lastly, DON’T PRAY for your church! You do not want to pray for God’s blessing on your church. You don’t want to pray for God’s protection on your church. You don’t want to pray for your pastor or the staff the church. If you do pray, make sure you are only praying for the things you need and want in life. Just like you don’t want people thinking you go to church, you don’t want God thinking that you care for anything or anyone other than yourself! Just keep the church off your prayer list!

I’m sure as you read this, you were like this guy is crazy! Yes, I did go a little overboard with how to be a horrible church member, but my goal was to make you think about yourself and your relationship with your own church that you are a member of.

Ask yourself these questions..

Am I a horrible church member?

Do I avoid participation in any church services or activities?

Do I not help in any ministries?

Do I not tell anyone about church or Jesus Christ?

Do I look, act, talk like I don’t go to church at all?

Do I even pray for my church that I attend?

Am I horrible church member?

If you answered yes to any of these, do you realize that you can become a better church member?

Start participating in church ministries and church activities. Show up every time the doors are open!

Start telling people about the church you go to! Start inviting them to go with you! Tell people about Jesus Christ and what he has done for you! Be excited about church!

Most importantly start praying. Start praying for your church everyday. Pray for blessings upon your church. Pray for God’s protection on your church. Pray for your pastor and the staff the church employs. Pray for your church everyday.

When you start praying for your church, you will start participating, you will start promoting. Make it a goal to be a better church member this year. Make it a goal, that when you get to December, you can look back and see how much you have grown in the Christian life and in your service as a church member.


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