Change Your Ask

I mentioned this yesterday in my blog and it is something I cannot stop thinking about. Like I mentioned, I was watching a video clip of a successful businessman, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and this is one of his steps I guess you can call it.

Change your ask.

As I have been thinking about this, I have asked myself, “What is my ask?”

What am I asking myself?

What am I asking of God?

What am I asking of you, the reader?

The basic definition of ask is to call on for an answer.

When you ask a question or you request something of someone, you do so in the hope of an answer. Now it may not always be an answer that we like, but I rather get an answer than never get an answer.

My children are always asking questions. They ask expecting an answer. It is my duty to answer them. Sometimes they are happy with the answer and I am the greatest daddy in the world and other times, it is quite the opposite. But they keep on asking.

“Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,” Ephesians 3:20

There was a moment in my life that this verse became real. About six years ago, we were in a fall campaign at church. The final Sunday is always a BIG Day and everyone goes all out trying to bring people to church. Throughout the campaign, the bus route I was apart of, worked and prayed and fasted preparing for this big day. I remember spending all day out visiting and soul winning each Saturday of the campaign. We worked hard every week.

That final Saturday, we worked all day. We prayed. We prepared. We were ready to see what God was going to do. That Saturday night, a few of us got together to plan out the route to run it in the most efficient way. We were going to have two buses to use and our goal was 125 I believe. The goal that was set by the bus director was 100, but we were praying for 125. We were asking God to fill both of those buses. As we went through our route on Saturday night, we estimated we had about 140 or so people who promised they were going to come. We were excited to see what God was going to do.

That Sunday morning was when we would see the results of our prayer and hard work. We were going to see what God was going to do. I was over one bus and we went through the section we were assigned and we had about 40 or so on the bus. The other bus was packed, they had met up with us to transfer some kids to our bus to make them even. We had stopped at our last stop, an apartment complex. One of our bus teens had some friends he was going to bring. He ran into the complex and what I saw next, I will never forget! He came around the corner without about 30 of his friends, all coming to church! Well we had to forget about transferring any children because now my bus was full!

The final count that day after we counted everyone on the buses and the parents who drove in from our route, we had 193! (Either that or 195, I am not sure…it was a lot!) We were amazed at what God did that day for our route! He went above and beyond all that we asked or even now thought!

What I took away from that day though was this, Did we only have 193 because our ask was only 125? Would God have done more if we asked for more?

There is nothing wrong with asking for something great! I think we, especially adults, forget what it is like to not be afraid to ask. Brooke, my oldest, isn’t afraid to ask anyone for anything! But when she does ask, she expects an answer!

This year, I want to change my ask. I feel that right now I am not really asking for anything, so the next step is to start asking.

If you are already asking, ask bigger!

God is willing and wanting to do something great in your life and in mine, but I believe He will only answer according to our ask!

Change your ask!


My ask for you today is this? What are you asking of yourself, of others, of God? If you feel like you are getting nowhere than change your ask.


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