Pathway Through Proverbs: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Choose A Path

We see the word path or paths seven different times. I think that Solomon found it important to teach his son that he would have to chose the path he takes in life.

“…the paths of judgment…” vs. 8

“…every good path.” vs. 9

“…the paths of uprightness…” vs. 13

“…forward in their paths.” vs. 15

“…her paths unto the dead.” vs. 18

“…the paths of life.” vs. 19

“…the paths of the righteous.” vs. 20

What I notice from these instances where the word path is used that you can separate them into good paths or bad paths. Life consists of two directions, toward God (the good path) or away from God ( the bad path.)

I believe in all the greatness and majesty of God, that He keeps thing simple for us. He made salvation easy, it is only through Jesus Christ and nothing else. There is nothing complicated about that, we as humans make it complicated by throwing our opinion and input in there. He gave us His Word and we can either obey it or disobey it. You see, with God there is no gray area, it is just black and white. It is just good and bad. It is just righteous and unrighteous. I could go on all day but God made it simple for us.

Even though God made it simple, He still gives us a choice. He still lets us decide whether we will follow Him or turn away from Him.

Solomon told his son in this chapter that there are many types of paths but they all lead one of two ways. He told his son that one day he was going to have to make the choice of what path he was going to have to walk.

What path are you on today, Christian? Are you headed towards God or away from God? Are you walking the path of unrighteousness or the path of righteousness. If you are headed away from God today is the day you can start fresh, today is the day you can turn your life around. But it has to be your choice to live for God. It has to be your choice to walk on the path of righteousness and holiness.

Choose your path today!!




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