Why Mid-Week Service Is A Must

Mid-week service is the hardest service to attend at church in my opinion. After working throughout the week and just getting home from work, it’s hard to go and sit through church.

I have one tip….you just got to do it!!

Reasons why mid-week service is a must:

  1. You can never have enough preaching. We need preaching. We need to be fed from the word of God. You and I should always want to listen and learn from the Word of God, especially when it is our pastor who loves and cares for us doing the preaching.
  2. We are commanded to “forsake not the assembling of yourselves together.” God commanded us to forsake not, basically be at church when there is church to be had! We should go to the mid-week service out of obedience.
  3. It is good to have fellowship with believers. After being out in the world all week at work, it is refreshing to be able to gather with those of like faith. It is refreshing to be around those who don’t cuss or tell dirty jokes. It is refreshing to hear godly music instead of the filth of the world.

I know it is hard to make it to your church’s mid-week service but just make it. I’m sure you will be blessed if you do!

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