My name is Caleb Hutton. I am currently living in Mississippi but my home will always be Colorado.

I was raised in a Christian home, Christian school, attended a Baptist church….church life was all I knew growing up. The two biggest lessons that I learned growing up were taught by my parents – faithfulness and a work ethic. They didn’t just tell me about faithfulness and hard work, they lived it.

After years of professing that I was saved, I came to realization that I didn’t just need Christ in my head but that I needed Him in my heart! On November 22, 2016, I accepted Christ as my personal Saviour!

I am married to Miranda and we have two beautiful baby girls, Brooke and Brynne.

This website was started out of a desire to share my thoughts with whoever would read them. I want to be encouraging, motivating and inspiring. I want to help those that read and overall just be a blessing to someone!