A Good Samaritan

How is everyone doing? I hope every one had a very Happy Thanksgiving and enjoyed time with their family and friends. It has been a while since I have written anything! To be honest, my creative juices haven’t been flowing, and I haven’t felt inspired lately.

But today I have something that I want to share…

Last night, I was out driving, working for Lyft, and I had an experience that really refreshed my soul in knowing that there are still good people in out there.

It was about 1 in the morning and I was about to call it a night and head home. I was making one more pass through an area full of restaurants and clubs, trying to get one more ride. I got a ride request, and picked up a couple and their destination was about 5 minutes away.

As we were heading down a busy street in town towards the couple’s destination, the lady asked if we had seen that person lying on the ground. I hadn’t seen anyone, but than again I was paying attention to the road and the traffic. The man also saw the person on the ground and they asked if we could go back and help and make sure they were alright. Of course I said yes, I turned around and headed back to the person on the ground. As we were pulling up another passerby had just stopped to check on them. The couple got out and the man ran up there to make sure everything was alright. He had told me he was a police officer in his hometown and he knew first aid. The person on the ground was a lady and she had fallen off of her bike. She was very intoxicated and she needed help getting up. When we had pulled up, the situation actually looked worse than what it was because the lady’s head was laying in the road and the rest of her body was up on the curb. As we talked to her and made sure she was alright, we found out that she lived about 2 minutes from where she had fallen. We loaded up her and her bike and took her to her house. 

After we dropped her off, the couple thanked me for being willing to stop and help and give her a ride home. Honestly, I was glad that I could help. What filled my heart with joy though was that the couple actually showed genuine care for the lady, a stranger, and they were willing to help her with whatever she would have needed. 

We pulled up to their stop and as the were getting out the thanked me again for helping and I told them that it was a blessing being able to help. The man handed me a bill from his wallet as a tip and I told him thank you. As the lady was getting out, she handed me an even bigger bill and told me that someone said I needed it and that it was my lucky day. 

I believe that someone was God, because He knew what I needed right now. I’m not a believer in luck, but I am a believer that GOD TAKES CARE OF HIS CHILDREN, WHETHER WE DESERVE IT OR NOT. 

It was a blessing to witness and be a part of a Good Samaritan in action. I don’t remember the couple’s names but I will always remember the blessing that they were to that lady who needed help and to myself. To that couple I say THANK YOU!

As we go through life, let us look for ways to help those around us!

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