Just Pray

Part of our daily walk with God is prayer. Prayer is how we talk to God while Bible reading is how He talks to us.

The Bible says “Pray without ceasing.” We can always be in an attitude of prayer. I think that you should have a prayer time where you kneel down before God and show reverence to Him, but that doesn’t and shouldn’t be the only way you pray. You can pray anywhere, at anytime.

Here are a few things that I was thinking about and praying for this morning.

  • Protection – I pray for safety everyday. We live in such a crazy and dangerous society. We never know what will happen. As I leave for work in the morning, I pray that God will protect me as I drive to and from work and while I am at work. I pray for the safety of my family while I’m away at work.
  • Patience – Patience is something I have a problem with everyday. I pray that God will give me patience at work, while I’m driving, at home and anywhere I go. I think that sometimes God leads me to the shortest line at Walmart and than allows the person in front of me to have 500 coupons and none of them work so they want to take everything off their transaction except for one thing and than they don’t know which card to use so they use 7 different cards before they find the right one…..talk about a lesson in patience! But seriously, we can all use patience in our lives as we deal with other people.
  • Power – We need God’s power in our lives. Without His power we are nothing. With His power we can do great and mighty things! God wants to use us, but are we willing to be used. Pray for Power! Pray for Power! We need His power to face the temptations of the world, the flesh, and the devil! We need His power in our lives!
  • Provision – There is nothing wrong about asking God to supply your daily needs, in fact, I believe He wants to supply our daily needs. But always remember God helps those who help themselves.

There are so many things we can pray for, but no matter what you pray for, just pray!

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