Have You Betrayed Christ?

Betrayed. I am sure we have all been at that point where we felt like we were betrayed.

The definition of betrayed that I would like to focus on today is “being disloyal to.”

When we hear the word, “betrayed,” we think of Judas betraying Jesus in the garden. Judas was a disciple of Christ, he traveled with Christ, he fellowshipped with Christ, yet he was the one who betrayed Jesus for a measly 30 pieces of silver.

We give Judas a hard time, we preach how he was disloyal and betrayed Christ. Which is true! Look at Peter, he wasn’t a saint either! He denied Christ three times!

Hey Christian, you are not exempt from betraying or denying Christ, whether on purpose or on accident. Be careful in what you say and what you do so that it always points people to Christ and not away from him!

Take a look at your Christian life and ask yourself if you have betrayed Christ. Ask yourself if you have denied Christ. If you have, there is no better time than now to ask for forgiveness, because God is a God of second chances.

via Daily Prompt: Betrayed

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