Four Practical Tips for a Marvelous Marriage

Great post on developing a successful marriage by a good friend Joshua Harris! Go check out his page to see more great articles on marriage!!

Our Together Life

In the day in which we live we come to the conclusion that a marvelous marriage will not happen by accident, but will be developed through diligent and intentional application of the Scriptures.

We also understand that the devil is a real enemy who wants to destroy any possibility of a marvelous marriage.

So what we need to do is put in some things that will help us to develop a strong and a vibrant marriage today.

With the understanding that we have a real enemy who wants to destroy every strong point in our marriage, we need to develop strong ties with our spouse; we need to develop heartstrings with our spouse.

We need to realize the importance of not being accidental but intentional with our marital relationship.

Being intentional in your marriage means…

  • You realize the threat to marriage.

So this means you don’t leave anything to chance…

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