Walk Through The Darkness

“When his candle shined upon my head, and when by his light I walked through darkness;”

Job 29:3

As I was reading my Bible today, this is the verse that stood out the most to me. The last phrase, “…when by his light I walked through darkness;” spoke volumes to me today.

First I thought about the darkness. I thought about how dark this world is. How steeped in sin this world is. There isn’t much light to be found throughout this sin-stricken world. Yet, we as Christians have to walk through it.

Sometimes in life, we will go through darkness. I believe Job went through a time like this when he lost everything that he had. It was a dark time in his life, just think, not many people could hold up and act the way Job did through all this. We will have problems, we will have issues, we will go through storms and trials, life may seem dark, but we just have to walk through it.

We all go through dark times. That is just how life goes. It is what we do when we have to walk through darkness that defines us.

Job had the answer for walking through darkness and it is still the answer today. He walked through the darkness “…by his light…” The only way we are going to find our way through this dark world or through our own dark times is by His light. What is His light? What is the light that God has for us?

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”

Psalms 119:105

The Word of God, the King James Bible, is the Light that we need to make it through the darkness. His Word will guide us and direct us. It will show us the way we need to go, what we should do, and how to live our life.

As a Christian, you aren’t going to make it too far in this dark world without the Light of the Word of God. It will show us what is right and what is wrong. If used correctly, the Word of God will never take you down a wrong path or lead you into destruction. It will light the way and guide you on the path you should take.

During the dark times of life, when troubles and trials come, the Word of God is still the Light that you need in your life. Job knew that he needed it and he went through some serious problems, yet he knew the only way through the darkness was by the light of God.

So if you are struggling to see where you are going in life, if you feel lost in the darkness of this world, if your life is dark with no hope, turn to God and His Word as it will give you the light that you need!


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