The Problem With Church

Church will never be a place that has zero issues and zero problems. Why? The people who make up the church never have zero issues and zero problems, and sometimes those issues and problems find their way into the church.

I have mentioned before about when to leave a church, why you are looking to leave a church, how to be a good church member or how to be a horrible church member. Everybody who attends church has the ability to make their church a great place to worship and serve God in or they can make a place full of drama, backbiting, gossip, complaining, and strife. Each one of us have a duty as a Christian, to make sure that we make our church the best it can be.

The problem with the church are rooted in problems with the church members. What we do and how we act and what we say, affect the church.

There is a lack of convictions and standards in the church and it’s members. There are little convictions and standards preached at church and little convictions and standards practiced at home. Our standards and convictions shouldn’t be based on what the church dictates, or the pastor preaches, but they should be based on what the Word of God says. If we lived our life by the principle of obeying the Word of God, our churches would be doing great things for God. Most people who attend church couldn’t tell you why they believe what they believe or why they act they act. There religion and spirituality is based on the church and what the preacher says and not on their own walk with God. The problem with the church today is that it looks like the world, talks like the world and acts like the world. Because the people who make up the church are worldly and do the things of the world.

There is a loss of compassion for the soul. We are more concerned with not offending the sinner than to tell them that the penalty for sin is Hell. The reason why the church has a problem is because the people in it have no compassion for souls. There is a lack of soul winning and telling people the Gospel. We can’t even get people to pass out tracts with the Gospel on it for fear of offending someone. The church in Acts went door to door daily and you see the tremendous growth they had. You know, the same God that blessed their compassion for souls can bless ours. I’m glad I had a preacher, a father, a friend who had compassion to tell me about Hell. They didn’t try to sugarcoat it or make sound all nice, I heard the truth and I saw their compassion for my soul. We need more Christians, more church members that have more compassion for souls. We need to be daily witnesses, this is something every single person can work on. The problem with the church today is that we are more concerned about everything else going on except the main thing, winning people to Christ!

There is little concern for serving. This is evident in the society we live in. We live in a self-centered society where everyone is out for themselves and do not care about helping anyone else. There is a lack of service in the church. It seems like it is always the same people running different events and ministries…not because they want too, but because there is a lack of people willing to serve and help out. Church should be about what you can put in to it, not what you can get out of it. We need more Christians who care about serving others and help others and ministering to others.

Just remember that the problem in the church is usually a problem with a church member.


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