Evil Companionship

Today, I am stealing a thought from my friend. He is the youth pastor at the church we attend and we were talking the other day about what he has been teaching in one of his classes for the teens.

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In a teenager’s life, there are a few different things that will determine if the teenager is going to make it in the Christian life. Ultimately, it is up to each individual if they are going to serve the Lord or not. But in each person, each teenager, there are some deciding factors if that teenager is going to decide to live for Christ.

One of the most important factors to a teen making it in life is their parents. Now, I am not saying that a kid with bad parents can’t make it. I am saying that a kid with good parents has a greater chance to make it in the Christian life. Like I said above, ultimately it comes down to the individual deciding on whether they want to serve Christ or not. To many parents are worried about being friends with their teenagers. They have enough friends, they need their parents to be parents. They need their parents to guide and instruct them. They need their parents to reprove and rebuke them. Teenagers need their parents to exhort and love them. Parents need to lead their teenagers in the path of the Christian life. You cannot rely on the church, the Christian school and the youth group to get your teen to turn out right, you are the parent, you need to put in the work!

Another important factor in a teenager’s life is the church. This also is based on the decision of the parents. A family needs a good, Bible believing church to be a part of if they want to grow spiritually. They need a pastor who loves them and will guide them. A teenager needs a good youth pastor who will be a leader in their lives.

I am blessed that I had good parents, a good church, a good pastor, a good youth pastor growing up. They all played an important part in my life in helping me get to where I am at today. But there is another factor that I had in my life and every teenager has in their life and that is friends. Friends are a huge part of the teenage years. You can become friends over different things, like sports, hobbies, time spent together, likes and dislikes. Whatever the case, you can make friends in a variety of ways.

I believe friends play a huge part in your life, no matter what stage of life you are in. But in the teenage years, the friends that they have will help mold and direct their life. Parents, don’t be scared to tell your son or your daughter to be careful around certain teens. Don’t be scared to tell them that they can’t hang out with certain people. Parents, it is your job to watch out for your children, so watch out!

My friend was telling me about his study of I Corinthians 15:33, “Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.” The meaning of the word ‘communications’ here in this verse means companionship. The word ‘manners’ in this verse means morals, habits. So what this verse is saying is, “Be not deceived: evil companionship corrupts good morals, habits.

I find it interesting that it says that evil corrupts good. Good never changes evil. So often we think that we can change our friends into good friends, godly friends; but it is usually the other way around. Evil corrupts good! That is why the Bible tells us to choose our friends wisely, to avoid the path of the wicked.

Parents, who you allow your teens to be companions with, is one of the biggest decisions you can make. Who you choose to be your friends as an adult is a huge decision also. Your children look up to you and they will see what you do and they will follow you as an example.

Your companionship will influence your morals and your habits. No matter your age, you can tell the direction you are going by the people you surround yourself with.

Don’t be fooled! Your friends will change you. They will change you either for better or for worse but they will change you!

Choose your friends wisely!!


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