‘Hotly Pursue’

We live in a time when we are quick to assume and quick to judge. We live in a society where if we were wronged, we have to get back or get even with the one who wronged us.

And sometimes, what we think happened to us or who we think hurt us, didn’t happen. We get so focused on the fact that we were wronged and that we have to get back, that we forget to stop and breath and actually figure out what happened.

I read a verse yesterday that made me think about these issues. “And Jacob was wroth, and chode with Laban: and Jacob answered and said to Laban, What is my trespass? what is my sin, that thou hast so hotly pursued after me?” Genesis 31:36

This is the story of Jacob leaving Laban after working for him for many years. As they were leaving, Jacob’s wife, Rachel, took some of her father’s images with her. Once Laban found out, he was upset as he thought that Jacob was trying to steal from him and leave as quickly as he could. Laban pursued after Jacob, made his accusation, and searched Jacob’s camp but couldn’t find his images anywhere. Now, if you know the story, Rachel had hid them in the camel’s furniture and was sitting on them when Laban was looking. But as far as Jacob and Laban knew at this point, there were no images in Jacob’s possession.

Laban had chased after Jacob because he was angry. Jacob then became angry with Laban because he was falsely accused.

This sounds like the majority of Christians today, we are always thinking someone wronged us or is trying to hurt us. When we get to feeling this way, we do what Laban did and “hotly pursue” after that person to get back at them.

What happens when you ‘hotly pursue’ someone to get back or get even with them?

The first thing I notice is that you leave someone behind. When you are worried about getting even, you forget the effect it has on your family and those close to you. Laban left his house to go pursue after Jacob, he left his family and those in his care behind while he went and tried to get even.

The second thing I notice is that you leave your work behind. Laban had a household that he had to run and he left his work and making sure that the job gets down to go find Jacob. In life, when we focus on getting even and trying to get back at someone, we forget what our job is and what we should be really doing in life.

The third thing I notice is that when you ‘hotly pursue’ someone to get back at them, you may be the one who ends up looking like a fool. Laban ‘hotly pursued’ and it ended up backfiring on him. He was the one who caused a big scene and had nothing to show for it. When you try to get back or get even with someone, you may be the one who is ashamed of what had happened.

The moral of this lesson today is this, ask yourself is what that person did to me really worth my time? Do I need to go get even with them? Or should I just continue on doing what I am supposed to be doing and leave it at that?

If you retaliate, you are in the same position they are. In life, in the Christian life, someone may hurt you, someone my offend you, someone may wrong you, but don’t let it stop you from serving God!

It is not worth your time and effort to get back at someone for something they did to you. You will be better off if you continue to serve the Lord and work on being a better Christian!


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