How To Behave In Church – Lesson 3

“But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.” I Timothy 3:15

Behave – to manage the actions of oneself in a particular way; to conduct oneself in a proper manner.

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I have been thinking and praying a lot this week about which attribute to right about next in our behavior towards church. Last week we talked about being faithful, which I think is one of the most important attributes. Without faithfulness to church, you might as well not have these other attributes. From here until we are finished, we necessarily will not be discussing these attributes in order of importance.

Today, I want to look at the attribute of BEING CHEERFUL.

“I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord.” Psalms 122:1

Back when I graduated high school, I had a sermon I preached titled “Don’t Be A Deadhead.” I used Ephesians 2:1-6, where it talked about being dead in sins and then being quickened through Jesus Christ. Being MADE ALIVE through Jesus Christ. Being SAVED from our sins through Jesus Christ! I preached that we needed to have life, be excited, be happy that we are saved from our sins and on our way to Heaven. I preached that we should have joy through Jesus Christ for all that He has done for us. It isn’t always easy to be happy, but we should have that true joy in our life that is only found through Jesus Christ.

As I was thinking about being cheerful, I thought about that message I preached. I thought about how a Christian should be happy, how they should be full of joy. If we are to be glad when we go to the House of the Lord, what does it take. It isn’t always easy to be happy when it is time for church. You may have worked all day, had a rough day, don’t feel good, whatever the reason, you just may not be happy.

Glad – having a cheerful or happy disposition by nature.

When it is time for church, we should be glad. We should be cheerful and happy. How can we be cheerful for church?

  • Salvation through Jesus Christ. We will never be truly happy in church, unless we have Jesus Christ as our Saviour. I say this with confidence knowing that before I accepted Christ, I only went to church out of duty and habit. Now that I am saved, I can truly say that I am glad to church. Salvation is what quickens you, like I mentioned before, it gives you life and with life there should be happiness.
  • Separation from the world. Many Christians dread going to church because they have been living like the world Monday through Saturday. They are covered in the filth of the world and there is no resemblance of a Christian in their life. Until Sunday morning when it is time for church. They aren’t glad to go to church, to hear godly singing and preaching, they aren’t glad to be around other Christians who are living a righteous life, they aren’t glad to be under the convicting power of the Holy Spirit. Sounds like a rough time when you live a life of worldliness. But on the other hand, if you lived a life that was pleasing to God and you walked with God throughout the week, you will be excited for church. You will enjoy church because to you it is an oasis in the desert of this world. It is a place to find refuge from the attacks of the world. It is a place that refreshes and re-energizes you to go back out and fight and live a separated life. You are glad to be in church separated from the world.

Be cheerful when you go to church. Have a smile on your face. Enjoy the fellowship of the believers. Enjoy the singing and the preaching.

Be glad when it is church time!!


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