The Amazing Things About Prayer

“Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.”  Philippians 4:6

When a relationship with God or a walk with God is mentioned, I always think of two things. I think about either my Bible reading or I think about my prayer life.

For me, it has always been easier to read my Bible than it has been to pray. Recently, I have working on my prayer life. I have been studying the Bible on prayer and I have found a few things that amaze me about prayer. Today’s blog is an extended version of a message I preached in our Children’s Church this past Sunday. So if it seems a little elementary, it was geared for 1st-6th graders. I wanted them to understand how amazing prayer really is and how important it is for our Christian life.

The definition of prayer is an earnest request or wish, an address to God in word or thought. I know that we can dig deeper into the meaning of prayer but like I said, I wanted to keep it simple for the children. 

As a Christian, we need to grow in our relationship with Christ. We should continually grow nearer everyday to Him. The two main ingredients in our relationship with Christ is Bible reading (which is God talking to us) and prayer (which is us talking to God.)

Relationships are built on communication. No one can ever become friends with someone without talking to that person. You cannot build a friendship without communication. If you do not talk to someone for years, your friendship will dwindle. 

The illustration that I used in Children’s Church was that of marriage. My wife and I just celebrated five years of marriage. Over those five years, we have talked a lot. We have discussed many different topics and I know my wife better now than I did when we were first married, because we talk to each other every single day! Over the next five years, if my wife and I stopped talking and didn’t spend time together, than there is a major issue going on and our relationship is falling apart.

If I want to grow closer to Christ, if I want to strengthen my relationship with Christ, I am going to have to talk to Him. I can read my Bible all day and let Him speak to me, but if I don’t spend time in prayer than I am not growing closer to Him.

The amazing things about prayer are the following. They are simple things that we as adults should be reminded of.

Anyone can pray! It doesn’t matter who you are, you can pray. God doesn’t look at your social standing or your bank account. He doesn’t care what kind of car you drive or the clothes you wear. God will always hear you pray. Whether a grown-up or a child, God will listen. Whatever the color of your skin or the language you speak, God hears your prayer. I am thankful that God hears anyone and everyone’s prayer. He has heard mine, even when I don’t deserve it and for that I am thankful.

You can pray Anywhere! No matter where you are, you can pray. Daniel prayed in his house and then in the lion’s den. Jonah prayed from a whale’s belly. Paul prayed while in a prison. Jesus prayed in a garden and then while hanging on the cross. David prayed in the fields tending his sheep and then from the palace of the king. God will hear your prayers no matter where you are in your life.

You can pray about Anything. I think that we forget that the Bible says “let your requests be made known unto God.” Whether you have big problems or little problems, you can take them to God in prayer! Whether a lot of people know you’re request or you alone know, you can still take it to the Lord. Don’t ever think that your request is stupid or insignificant, God will listen to you! He wants you to come to Him with your requests!

In closing, I reminded the children that God will always answer your prayer, although you may not like the answer. He will give a yes, or a no, or a wait….whatever the answer, just keep praying. 


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