Never Forget

September 11, 2001

A day that will always live in infamy.

A day that America was attacked.

I remember where I was that day. We were on the way to school when the breaking news came across the radio. We were passing through the intersection of Galley and Academy in Colorado Springs. It’s crazy how vivid that memory is. I remember pulling weeds as we were getting ready for a conference at church and a teacher had pulled his vehicle up so that we could listen to the news on the radio.

Every 9/11, I think of that day. Where I was and how I felt as a young teenager. I was sad for all the families who lost loved ones that day. I was mad that my country had been attacked. I was proud to be an American. Those feelings haven’t changed as I’ve grown older. I love my country!

Here is a poem written by a friend that I would like to share with you today.

Never Forget

It’s September 11th, a bright, sunny day

But in a few short hours it will turn a dusty grey

In New York City, where never a moment is dull

People start their busy workdays as usual

A wife hastens as her husbands coffee she pours

Then dad quickly kisses the kids and runs out the door

People are everywhere, they’re flooding the streets

The subways are full, there’s not one empty seat

But no one is prepared for the events that will unfold before their eyes

For they will watch as a part of this great nation dies

America will stop and everyone will stare

At the empty space where two towers are no longer standing there

Our great country is under a fatal attack

And many will lose their lives trying to fight back

Brave men and women will be lost to this act of terrorism

And families will suffer in the darkness of pains prison 

Sirens and horns throughout the city blare

Scared and confused people run away from the chaos

Fire trucks and ambulances appear from everywhere 

But for many it’s too late and their lives they have lost

People call their loved ones to say their goodbyes

And through it all they beg each other not to cry

Husband and wife repeat the words,  “I love you”

And he says through the tears, “Tell the kids daddy loves them too” 

She clutches the phone tightly to her ear, breathing in his every word

But soon the line goes dead, and on the other end nothing but static is heard.

She drops the phone and falls to her knees

And through heavy sobs she begs God and pleads 

At this moment there are thousands of questions but not one answer

Fear and pandemonium spread through our hearts like a cancer

Lady Liberty hangs her head and cries

At the scene of flames and smoke rolling towards the skies

In only a few short hours a whole nation is brought to its knees 

And for the loss of so many innocent people, America grieves.

Tears are shed, and families torn apart 

America helplessly watches in disbelief and with aching heart

But the haunting question is, “Will we survive?…

Will this be the end of the stars and stripes?”

We are answered by three firemen standing atop a mount of debris

They are hoisting up our flag and it waves proudly!

This place they call Ground Zero

Will forever be a grave to many a brave hero

Let us never forget that tragic day when our America looked death right in the face

And realized we could only pull thru by His grace.

So I bow in thanks to those who laid down their lives

Fighting for my freedoms and my rights

And to those who still fight for those same freedoms today

I owe to you a debt I could never repay.

-Cherish Miller