Hope Thou In God

When life gets rough, hope in God.

I have my Bible app on my phone set up to notify me the verse of the day everyday. Usually I skim through the verse but this morning it hit home.

“Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God.” Psalms 42:11

This verse along with the message I heard at church last night about having peace in the midst of the storm have encouraged and lifted me up. God knew what I needed and when I needed it.

The phrase from this verse “hope thou in God” stuck out like a lit up sign with flashing arrows pointing to it. It was like it was speaking to me, ‘Hey Caleb! Where is your hope at? Is it in yourself or the things that you can do or is it in God?’ Man, that struck home with me. To many times I hope in my own strength and power that I can do things and that I can fix things, but my hope should be in God.

If your soul is cast down, if it is disquieted (worried or anxious), look inside yourself to see where your hope is. Look inside yourself to see if you are trying to do everything on your own. Life by yourself is hard!!

Put your hope in God! Let your trust be in God!

When you get down and out and feel sorry for yourself, you also loose your praise. Find something that you can praise God about…your salvation, the blessings He gives you everyday! If we stop and think, we can sit here and praise God all day for His goodness to us!

The health of your countenance is determined by the relationship you have with God! I told one of my friends the other week that his countenance was joyful and refreshed, something I hadn’t seen on him in a long time. Come to find out, he told me that he has been spending time walking with God and getting back to his devotions. You could tell by his countenance that he was hoping in God and praising Him and having a good relationship with God.

My goal this week is to not let the cares and problems of this world drag me down! my goal this week is to hope in the Lord! To praise the Lord for everything He has done for me! My goal this week is get a healthy countenance from a good relationship with God!

Let’s all strive to be better this week as we put our hope in God!

Easter Eggs

It’s time to hunt Easter eggs!!

Easter egg hunts…I don’t really understand it. Why is it that the Easter bunny brings Easter eggs? Did he steal them from the chickens or what? You never see an Easter chicken running around hiding eggs, it’s always a bunny!!

Anyways I hope everyone had a Happy Easter or as I like to say Resurrection Sunday! I know many churches were full, people were saved and praise given to God for the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

At our church we have an Easter egg hunt after the morning service for all the kids. It’s a good promotion to get people into church who otherwise wouldn’t come. We always have a good turn out when we do this promotion.

My daughter is 2 years old and she was going to participate in the nursery egg hunt. Well, through some miscommunication I thought it was already over or the weren’t doing it or whatever the reason was. My kid really wanted to get some eggs, so I picked her up and ran across the parking lot to where the big kids where having there egg hunt and I helped her get some eggs there. I know she is only 2 and probably didn’t need all the candy that came in those eggs but I wanted her happy so I was willing to help her and show her where the eggs where. I didn’t pick any up but I would lead her to them and point at them so she could get the eggs. I wanted her to experience the joy of getting the eggs herself.

If we acted the same way with spiritual things the same way that kids do with Easter eggs, I believe God will let us find some great things in His Word. He wants to show us His promises and truths that He has in His Word. Just like I helped my daughter find the eggs, God will do the same with us when we get into the Bible.

My daughter had to want to get eggs. I couldn’t make her or force her to pick up the eggs. It is the same way with God, He isn’t going to force us to read the Bible or go to church. He isn’t going to make us live a Christian life so He can bless us, He wants us to want to read our Bible, want to serve Him and when we have that want and desire, that is when He will bless us and give us those Easter eggs, those nuggets of truth!

Matthew 6:33 makes it simple, it says “But see ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” We have to seek first and then God will add unto us and bless us. Too many Christians live life expecting God to bless without actually going and seeking. My daughter would have never gotten any eggs if she didn’t go and look for them. I was willing to help her once she started looking. Go start seeking for something from God, the Bible say “…seek and ye shall find…” Start reading your Bible looking for something from God. Go to church looking for something from God. Once you start seeking, God will help you find.

The best part about that Easter Egg hunt for me was watching the joy and pure happiness on my daughter’s face when she found an egg and then when she opened it up for the treat that was inside. She had to do something though to get to that point, she had to find the egg, pick it up and then she got to enjoy it. We expect the Christian life to be all joy and happiness, but that’s not the way it works, we have to seek and to search and then that’s when God will bless us and give us that ‘treat’ that we worked so hard for!

Be like a kid at a Easter egg hunt. Get excited! Run to God’s Word, run to church, run to serve Him! Once you start seeking, He will show you things that you never saw before! He will bless you like you have never been blessed. He will give you those ‘treats’ that put a smile on your face and joy in your heart! He will give you the best ‘Easter eggs’ you can find!

Is Your Church Pew Empty?

Christians are creatures of habits, they also sit in the same pew!

If there is one thing about humans it is that we are creatures of habit. Everyone has their own routines, their own habits and their own way of doing things. Christians are creatures of habits also. They walk into a church house and head to their pew. I am the same way, I walk into the back doors of the church, head to the left set of pews and sit by the wall in the 6th or 7th pew from the front for every service. If I sit somewhere else, I feel out of place and lost in the church auditorium.

They say it takes 66 days to create a habit. They also say that you never break a habit, you just replace it with a new habit. The habit of attending church can easily be replaced by the habit of making excuses. I have been in church my entire life; my parents raised me in church. We were there every time the doors were open! My habit of church attendance was instilled in me by my parents. Once I graduated high school and started my life as an adult, I had to make the choice of continuing to attend church.

I never realized the importance of church attendance until this past year. I was faithful to church Sunday morning and Sunday night but I started to miss Wednesday night services. The habit I had formed over the years was suddenly replaced by the new habit of creating excuses to miss church. I started this year off with one main resolution, to be faithful to church especially on Wednesday night. I don’t want to leave my church pew empty for any service.

“Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.” ~Heb. 10:25

The word forsake in this verse does not mean “miss.” Forsake has a stronger meaning than ‘miss’ or ‘skip’ or anything of that nature. Forsake means renounce your belief, disown as a son, abandon as a baby on a doorstep, or desert as in the military. When you take these meanings into account, missing church really takes on a whole new meaning!

So let me ask you, is your church pew empty? It’s not just missing church or skipping church, it is forsaking church. As long as you are not bed ridden or contagiously ill, you have no excuse to miss church. Don’t be that person when the pastor looks out and sees your church pew empty!

My plea to you today, don’t leave your church pew empty! Don’t forsake your church services. Don’t renounce your belief in church! Don’t disown your church by missing! Don’t abandon your church! Don’t desert your church!

You need to be in church to hear the sermon! You need to be in church for the godly, Christian music. You need to be in church for the fellowship with the saints. There is no good reason not to be in church.

Is your church pew empty?