Easter Eggs

Easter egg hunts…I don’t really understand it. Why is it that the Easter bunny brings Easter eggs? Did he steal them from the chickens or what? You never see an Easter chicken running around hiding eggs, it’s always a bunny!!

Anyways I hope everyone had a Happy Easter or as I like to say Resurrection Sunday! I know many churches were full, people were saved and praise given to God for the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

At our church we have an Easter egg hunt after the morning service for all the kids. It’s a good promotion to get people into church who otherwise wouldn’t come. We always have a good turn out when we do this promotion.

My daughter is 2 years old and she was going to participate in the nursery egg hunt. Well, through some miscommunication I thought it was already over or the weren’t doing it or whatever the reason was. My kid really wanted to get some eggs, so I picked her up and ran across the parking lot to where the big kids where having there egg hunt and I helped her get some eggs there. I know she is only 2 and probably didn’t need all the candy that came in those eggs but I wanted her happy so I was willing to help her and show her where the eggs where. I didn’t pick any up but I would lead her to them and point at them so she could get the eggs. I wanted her to experience the joy of getting the eggs herself.

If we acted the same way with spiritual things the same way that kids do with Easter eggs, I believe God will let us find some great things in His Word. He wants to show us His promises and truths that He has in His Word. Just like I helped my daughter find the eggs, God will do the same with us when we get into the Bible.

My daughter had to want to get eggs. I couldn’t make her or force her to pick up the eggs. It is the same way with God, He isn’t going to force us to read the Bible or go to church. He isn’t going to make us live a Christian life so He can bless us, He wants us to want to read our Bible, want to serve Him and when we have that want and desire, that is when He will bless us and give us those Easter eggs, those nuggets of truth!

Matthew 6:33 makes it simple, it says “But see ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” We have to seek first and then God will add unto us and bless us. Too many Christians live life expecting God to bless without actually going and seeking. My daughter would have never gotten any eggs if she didn’t go and look for them. I was willing to help her once she started looking. Go start seeking for something from God, the Bible say “…seek and ye shall find…” Start reading your Bible looking for something from God. Go to church looking for something from God. Once you start seeking, God will help you find.

The best part about that Easter Egg hunt for me was watching the joy and pure happiness on my daughter’s face when she found an egg and then when she opened it up for the treat that was inside. She had to do something though to get to that point, she had to find the egg, pick it up and then she got to enjoy it. We expect the Christian life to be all joy and happiness, but that’s not the way it works, we have to seek and to search and then that’s when God will bless us and give us that ‘treat’ that we worked so hard for!

Be like a kid at a Easter egg hunt. Get excited! Run to God’s Word, run to church, run to serve Him! Once you start seeking, He will show you things that you never saw before! He will bless you like you have never been blessed. He will give you those ‘treats’ that put a smile on your face and joy in your heart! He will give you the best ‘Easter eggs’ you can find!

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