Counted Faithful Interview: Nick Anthony

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New Podcast! Sowing and Reaping

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I spend a few minutes talking about the natural law of sowing and reaping and how it applies to what we do in life!

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What Makes A Great Christian?

What makes a great Christian? If you are a child of God, you should ask yourself this. We should all desire to be the best Christian we possibly can. Achieving that isn’t going to happen over night or even within a week, it is going to time and effort on our part to be a great Christian.

To be a great Christian, you have to be CONSISTENT. Consistency builds habits in our life. We have to be consistent in walking with God every single day, no matter what is happening around us. We need to be consistent in reading our Bible. We need to be consistent in praying. We need to be consistent in having a relationship with God.

To be a great Christian, you have to have a life of CHARACTER. You have to choose to do right no matter what. You have to choose to stand for what the Word of God says. You have to choose to live what the Word of God of says. The way you live life shows what kind of character you have.

To be a great Christian, you have to have COMPASSION. We need to show others the love that God showed us. We need to spread the love of Christ through witnessing! We need to love the sinner, realizing they need a Saviour just like we did. Your love for others and telling them about the Gospel of Christ, shows how much you love Christ.

To be a great Christian, you cannot have COMPROMISE. When we allow compromise to creep in, we allow ourselves to stray from the doctrine and principles found in the Word of God. When I look at other great Christians, I see men and women who were true to the Word of God and to the commandments and principles found in the Bible, no matter what the situation was around them.

The journey to be a great Christian starts every morning walking with God. You than follow that up by working and doing His will throughout the day.