Two Ears, One Mouth

“Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.”

Proverbs 17:28KJV


This verse popped up as the verse of the day on my Bible app. Whenever I see this verse, it reminds me of a little saying that goes something like this “God created you with two ears and one mouth, so He wants you to listen more than you talk.” 


The tongue is what gets most people in trouble most of the time. James says that no man can tame the tongue. If we always said what we felt like saying we would have no friends, no job, nothing…all because no one would want to be around us with an unbridled tongue! The only way we can tame our tongue is let God take control, let God take the reins of our tongue. If God controls our tongue and we only say what He would have us to say, I guarantee you will cut down on the problems you have in life. You will have better relationships with your family, at the church house, even on the job site if you only say what God wants you to say.


Have you ever wondered why you can’t hear God talk to you? Do you feel like God is never there when you need Him? Maybe it’s because you have too much talking going on in your life. Maybe you’re never quiet long enough to hear God speak. Maybe it’s the noise of the world that you are involved in drowning out the voice of God. It is good to stop everyday and be quiet, turn everything off and allow God to speak to you through His Word and the Holy Spirit.


Two ears, one mouth….always remember it’s better to listen twice before you talk once.

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