What I Learned From my Mother

I hope that all the mothers out there had a good Mother’s Day. I hope that each one of you felt loved and appreciated.


I love my mom! She has done so much for me throughout my life that I know I could never repay her! If their is one thing I strive to do with my life, it is too make my mother proud of her son. I never want to bring heartache and disappointment to my mom, although I have and I know she has forgiven me time and time again. I just want my mom to know that I love her!


This past week I have spent much time pondering what I have learned from my mother and I came up three things that covers everything! 


The first lesson I learned from my mother is hard work. She taught me that if you work hard you will have what you need, maybe not everything you want but definitely what you need. My mom worked from dawn to dusk everyday. She was a mother at home taking care of her husband and three children. She was a teacher at school, instructing young children in the basics of knowledge. She was an accomplished seamstress who worked part-time sewing and making puppets. She is a lady of many talents who is always where she is supposed to be, doing the job she is supposed to do. Hard work never scared my mom and she made sure that her kids weren’t scared of it either. I know that I have made it this far in life because of hard work and I learned it from my mother.


The next lesson I learned from my mother is how to be humble. I’ve seen many times where my mom probably should have been recognized for something she did but she wasn’t; that never stopped my mom though, she just kept on going. She didn’t need the praise and attention of man to keep her doing her job, she just did it because she loves what she does. My mom never forced herself into the spotlight, she never tried to draw attention to herself. My mom has a humble spirit, she just wants to serve and be a blessing to others whether she is recognized or praised or not. I want to be like my mom and just be a humble person, I don’t have to be recognized to do something great. I don’t have to be praised to keep on going. I do what I do because I love what I do.


The last major lesson I learned from my mom is how to live holy. She practiced what she taught and she taught what she practiced. My mother didn’t live on both sides of the fence! She lives a holy life pleasing unto the Lord. I’m sure she would be the first to tell you that she isn’t perfect. As a child, I saw a mother who put God and the things of God first. I saw my mom reading her Bible many times, I saw her pray, I saw her serve God on a daily basis. I never had to worry about hearing a cuss word come from my mom’s mouth. I never had to worry about alcohol and cigarettes being in our home. I never had to worry about the filth of the world being in our home. My mother tried to make our home a holy house that was pleasing to God. 


I learned many things from my mom and I’m thankful that I was able to learn from her throughout my life. I believe the best gift a child can give back to their mother is that of making them proud. I want my mom to be proud of me, I want to bring honour to my mother. I hope that as I live my life and take care of my family and serve God that people can look at me and say that I must have had a good mother!
And the best thing my mother taught is how to find a wife with these same qualities! My wife is a great mother to my baby girl! I love my wife as she is the glue that holds our family to together!


I love you Mom!!


“Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.” Proverbs 31:28

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