Let Us Rejoice

God sure knows how to give the verse you need at the right moment through different means. Once again this morning, my Bible app’s verse of the day was exactly what I needed. I got to work this morning and it was definitely Monday. My area was all messed up, my forklifts were down, everything that could be wrong was wrong. My attitude was in the dumps.

I was unloading our first truck of the day and I felt my phone vibrate so I stopped to check it to make sure it wasn’t an important email or anything. It was something far more important, it was a Bible verse.

“This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalms 118:24

I automatically started thinking about that verse. It is a well known verse with a tune to it. I started singing it as I unloaded the rest of the truck.

It is Monday, but the Lord made this day. He knows what is going to happen. He knows what you will go through. The Lord has everything in control.

I got to thinking about things I could rejoice in and the first thing I thought about was that the Lord gave me another day. He allowed me to wake up this morning. He has given me another chance to serve Him and praise Him today. Praise the Lord!

My family all woke up this morning. I didn’t have to wake up to a tragedy in my house. It is things like this that we take for granted.

I rejoice that God has given myself and my family good health. We don’t have any major illness or sickness. My wife is healthy and my baby is healthy, what more could I ask for!

I left my house in a nice car this morning to come to work! I’m thankful that the Lord blessed us with a car that runs good, has heat in the winter and A/C in the summer!

Even though I was frustrated this morning, I am thankful that I have a good job! The Lord sure does bless hard work.

Even though it is Monday, even though it started off rough, I am blessed beyond measure. I think that sometimes we forget that the Lord is in control. He created the day, He allowed us to wake up. Let’s rejoice and be glad in that day!

Find something today to thank the Lord for!

Find something today to praise the Lord for!

Let us all rejoice in the day that the Lord hath made!


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