Pathway Through Proverbs: Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Wisdom

Click here to read Proverbs 8. This post today summarizes the chapter but I think that it will be good to read what the Bible has to say.

Here in Proverbs 8, we see Wisdom talking to us. She is telling us where she is at. She lets us know who she is talking to. Wisdom tells us where she is from and she also lets us know how she can help us.

In the first 3 verses of this chapter we see Wisdom crying out to us. She is in the high places and the low places. Wisdom is at the gates of the city and in the neighborhoods. Wisdom is everywhere and she is crying out.

Wisdom is crying out to men, the sons of man, the simple, the fools and everyone that has ears to hear. “Hear; for I will speak of excellent thing; and the opening of my lips shall be right things.” Proverbs 8:6 She is asking us to hear what she has to say because it will be excellent and it will be right.

Wisdom than tells us that she is the most precious thing that we can ever get in life. She is worth more than precious rubies. She is better than silver and gold.

Gaining wisdom doesn’t just happen. Wisdom tells us that we have to seek her early, we have to love her, we have to desire and want her in our life. Wisdom will be there for us if we want her to be there.

Wisdom will not let you down. She tells us she will lead in the way of righteousness. She will cause us to inherit treasure and be filled with substance. Wisdom will not trick you and strip you of everything you have, she will be their to increase and bring profit to you.

Wisdom then goes on to tell us in this chapter that she came from the Lord. Wisdom tells us that she was before everything was created and while the Lord was creating she was by Him. The Lord delighted in wisdom daily. Wisdom has always been.

Wisdom ends the chapter with two powerful verses. “For whoso findeth me findeth life, and shall obtain favour of the Lord. But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death.” Proverbs 8:35-36 Wisdom gives you two choices with tow consequences, find wisdom and you find life and favour of the Lord. Sin against Wisdom, hate Wisdom and you will hurt your own soul and find death.

The lesson I learn from this chapter is that I cannot go wrong if I seek for wisdom. Because if I find wisdom and I friend wisdom, I will find life and find favour with the Lord.


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