Pathway Through Proverbs: Chapter 11

Chapter 11: A Balanced Life

I am a day behind in my posts but I had a super busy weekend of working, going to a golf tournament, going to a birthday party and being at church yesterday. I thought all day yesterday about what to write but I had a hard time putting my thoughts down on paper. We will still catch up and be on track to finish out the month of June going all the way through Proverbs. With that being said, I would like to hear feedback from everyone who follows and reads my posts with a topic or topics that I should focus on for the month of July. You can leave a comment here on the blog or message me through Facebook.

Let’s get to Proverbs 11 though. Today, I want to look at verse one, “A false balance is abomination to the Lord: but a just weight is his delight.” One thing that I have been thinking about lately is how fair God is, how equal God is.

I was talking to a friend last week and explaining how there is an opposite to everything because that is how God is, He likes an even balance. Here are some examples:

  • Man and woman
  • Day and night
  • Land and sea
  • Good and bad
  • Heaven and hell
  • Right and wrong

As much as God is full of love, I believe He has that same wrath inside of Him. He is an equally balanced God.

In our Christian life, we need to be balanced in everything we do. We shouldn’t make work a priority and take us away from family just as much as we shouldn’t allow church to take us away from family. Everything needs balance.

We can read the Bible everyday, but if there is no prayer we will be unbalanced. Just attending church without serving is unbalanced. Just listening to the sermon without putting into action what you hear is unbalanced. In all aspects of life we need balance.

If we live a life that is unbalanced, the Lord finds that it is an abomination. He hates an unbalanced life. But just as much as He hates an unbalanced life, He will find delight in a life that is balanced. This right here shows us that the Lord is balanced.

Be a Christian who brings delight to the Lord by living a balanced life.

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