Neglecting the Newborns

Last week, we were blessed to welcome the newest member of our family into the world. Brynne Noelle. She is such a bundle of joy and we are happy that she is home with us!

While in the hospital, the nurse was always checking in to make sure you are feeding the baby, changing the diapers and bonding with the baby. That is the goal while you are at the hospital, to take care of the baby. When you leave, it is the same thing at home as it is at the hospital except no one is there to make sure you are taking care of the baby!

Just like there are newborns in life, there are newborns in Christianity. When you accept Christ as your Saviour, you are born into the family of God. Especially those that have never been in church or grew up around church, it is a whole new life being a Christian.

Many newborn Christians though are neglected. This is a sad fact that we see in many churches today. Just like a newborn baby needs fed milk, the newborn Christian needs fed the milk of the Word. That is how they will grow to a point to get the meat of the Word. Without the adult Christians there to feed the newborns, they won’t grow in the Christian life and they will fall back into their worldly ways.

Diaper changes are no fun!! I hate changing diapers but I do it because I hate my having my child sit in their dirty diaper for any length of time. Newborn Christians need a diaper changing too. They are going to sin, they are going to mess up. We shouldn’t just throw them to the side and tell them they don’t get it. There is a learning process in growing up whether it be physically or spiritually.

While at the hospital, they want you to bond with your baby. I enjoy holding my baby, talking to my baby, telling her I love her. I enjoy being her daddy and I’m excited to be a part of her life. Older, more seasoned Christians need to be the same way with those newborn babes in Christ. There needs to be a bonding, a friendship that is established so that the newborn can be helped in the growing process.

Just like we as parents, don’t neglect our newborn babies, we need to make sure that we aren’t neglecting the newborn babes in Christ. They need those strong Christians to help feed them, pick them up when they fall and be a friend to them.

Don’t neglect the newborns!

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