Impressing God

God isn’t impressed with your talents. He isn’t impressed with your talents because He is the one who gave them to you.

So many people in the world today think that they are all that because of what they can do! Athletes! Musicians! Actors and actresses! Successful businessmen and women! We place them on pedestals! Call them the greatest! Basically worship them because of the success they have had off of their talents!

We live in a world where everyone tries to impress someone else. Because we are so infatuated with impressing others we forget that we should only be trying to impress God. We forget how to be true to ourselves. We forget who we really are.

When we try to impress those around us, we succumb to the fashions, the music, the wickedness of the world, even if it is unintentional. We need to not worry about what others think about us.

When it comes to life and who we impress, we should only be worried about impressing God. If we impress God and make Him happy, than those that truly love and care for us will be impressed and happy.

I believe the most important way to impress God is to be faithful. God is impressed with our faithfulness. We see in a parable where the master gave five talents to one, two talents to another, and one talent to yet another. When he came back to check on them, the first two had doubled their talents while the third buried his in the ground. The master told the first two, ” Well done thou good and faithful servant.” To the third, he condemn him for ultimately wasting his talent.

God has blessed each one of us with a talent or talents and He wants to see how you will use them. He wants to see if we are faithful in serving Him with our talents. If you are NOT using your talents to serve God, than you are just wasting what the Lord has given you.

Don’t be like that third servant and waste your talent by being unfaithful. Be faithful with what God has given you and you will impress Him.

You can’t impress God with your talents, because He is the one who has given them to you. Impress God by being faithful and serving Him with the talents He has given you.

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