Words From My Father (Part 2)

What American Fundamental Christians Need

“The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way.” Psalms 37:23

1. Read and re-read their KJV 1611 Bibles. Over 90% of Christians dont. A real shame when we have the truth and put it on our shelves or coffee tables.

a. Study your Bible. This is a command for Christians. That is Bible literacy is alarming most don’t study it.

b. Apply your reading and studying in your life.

c. Meditate on it. Some say memorize it but meditating on it goes to the heart.

2. Become resolved in your faith. Know where you sit before you stand. One can have standards and principles but conviction comes through obedience. True obedience will make you happy. Trusting in the Lord’s promises also shows where your faith is at.

3. Repent of apathy, selfishness, and bad attitude toward Christ, church work, or your brothers and sisters in Christ. Our prayers our hinder when we have conflict with one of these elements.

4. Reach out to your neighbors with a cake, pie, possibly a BBQ, but definitely the gospel. I fall short of this myself but I’m reminded one cannot take the gospel to the wrong address.

5. Rejoice in the Lord’s plan and purpose even when you are in your darkest valley because Christ is the light to help u through the storm. I think many Christians blame God for thier trials when we sometimes bring them upon ourselves.

6. Remember your family. I think we are busy people and this is assembly of dads, moms, brothers and sisters we lose focus. Family should be first. The family that prays together, spends time with one another, and serves together grows stronger together. I am grieved to see so many dysfunctional families across our country. I’m sorry I let my own kids down and did not spend enough time with them, however, I’m thankful to hear from time to time and share their memories and life events from them.

7. Revival. It really starts with one person. Draw a square, a circle, a diamond for your personal revival space, whatever it takes for you. Just do it for yourself. I think we lean on our own power and strength and forget the work of God, the hand of God..etc. I am in the need for personal revival and maybe you are too.

May the Lord bless.

Doug Hutton

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