Quick Thoughts on Worry

So I have a quick thought tonight that I want to share.

A little background on this post tonight….  I saw this verse this morning in Sunday school class while the teacher was reading a different verse and I thought to myself, I am going to write about that verse this week. Then tonight the message was from the same verse and discussed the topic that I was thinking about…so I knew I had to write about it.

“Take therefore no thought for the morrow; for the morrow shall take thought for the of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. Matthew 6:34

The message tonight was on worry and how to overcome worry. Worry and anxiety and stress are big problems in today’s society. Everyone struggles with some type of these problems in some type of way. Some people dwell on the problems and struggle with getting over them while others are able to get over them quickly.

My thought for the evening is just don’t worry. Sounds simple right? Well it is! You can’t control tomorrow, today….so don’t worry about it. Take care of today, today.

Let Jesus do your worrying for you. He has everything under control, He already knows what is going to happen. He controls today and He controls tomorrow, He will take care of you and take care of your problems!

Quick tip… Just plan ahead, don’t worry ahead!


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