Not For Sale

I had the opportunity to preach this morning in our Children’s Church on the subject “Not For Sale!”

I used the story of Naboth from I Kings 21. Naboth would not sell his vineyard to the king. This vineyard wasn’t the best in the land and I’m sure Ahab could have gotten the best of he wanted to!

The reason why Naboth wouldn’t sell his vineyard was because that it had been passed down from generations in his family. His family had put in work to make it what it had become. His family had probably gone through good seasons and bad seasons with this vineyard. This vineyard belonged in Naboth’s family and it was not for sale!

Naboth wouldn’t sell it for no amount of money!

Naboth wouldn’t sell it for a better vineyard in the country!

Naboth and his vineyard were not for sale!

Hey Christian, what have you sold out for?

Did Satan come over the riches of this world and you took the offer?

Did Satan convince you that his vineyard of the world was better than that vineyard of Christ?

You see if you have a price, Satan will get you to accept an offer, he will get you to sell out.

Tell Satan that your price is “Not For Sale!” Don’t consider any offers! Don’t consider trading for a better place!

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