Whether We Believe Or Not

“If we believe not, yet he abideth faithful: he cannot deny himself.”2 Timothy 2:13 KJV I was reading through 2 Timothy and this verse stuck out to me. Actually the first part of this verse was what caught my attention…”If we believe not, yet he abideth faithful….” I love this phrase because it shows that everything God is, isn’t dependent on our belief. Whether we believe or not, He abideth faithful!Whether we believe or not, He still is the Saviour of mankind. You can think of all the people that have denied and rejected Christ, that hasn’t changed who He is. There have been millions upon millions of people who have criticized and cut down the person of Christ but that hasn’t changed who He is! If Christ and the salvation He provides is dependent on every person believing, than we wouldn’t have a chance. If we believe not, He is still the Saviour of man!!Another thing I thought of is that whether we believe or not, He still is the Good Shepherd! I’m so glad that the atheists haven’t stopped my God from being faithful in caring for me! I’m so glad the those who serve false gods haven’t stopped my God from taking care of me. He is there when I need Him! He will never leave me nor forsake me because He is the Good Shepherd who cares for His own, whether we believe or not!A lot of people, including Christians, go through life not believing that God will supply their need. It is evident in this day and age when many fall into debt trying to pay for everything they want instead of relying on God for their needs. I’m glad the lack of belief in God supplying our needs hasn’t stopped Him. If that was the case, He would have stopped supplying our needs a long time ago! Paul finishes the verse by saying, “…he cannot deny himself.” This made me excited! God cannot deny that He is God! We sometimes lack faith in ourselves, maybe lack belief in ourselves, but God never does lacks belief in what He can do!You see, yours and mine belief or unbelief in God and what He can do, doesn’t change who He is or what He can do. God isn’t relying on us to be God, He will always be faithful in doing His part! We have to do our part and that is to believe!I apologize for the long run on paragraph. I’m out at camp with very little reception and making do with what I have! Thanks for reading!!

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