Can Two Walk Together?

I saw this quote last week and it has just stuck with me! It is so simple yet so deep!

“Can two walk together, except they be agreed?”

‭‭Amos‬ ‭3:3‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Many times we choose to walk with our friends because they agree with us. They aren’t or won’t tell us when we are doing wrong. They won’t strive to make us better…they are agreeing with us!

When we choose to walk with God, we may not agree with those around us. But when we choose to walk with God. He will make us a better Christian, a better servant for him.

When you walk with God, you will find friends who are also walking with God, and in my opinion those are the friends you want in your life. Friends that will make you better, push you to being a better Christian!

Who are you walking with today??

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