Vacation Time

We are getting ready to take a vacation back home to Colorado. To say that I am excited is an understatement!

I miss home!

I miss my parents!

I miss the mountains!

I am so ready for this vacation! And my family is also. Brooke, my oldest daughter, everyday is asking if it is the day that we are leaving for Colorado. She is just as excited as I am!

One of the things that I am stressing out about is the trek through the airports! I don’t mind flying but this is the first time flying with two kids! We decided to get this airport carseat stroller thing to haul the carseat and Brynne at the same time…hopefully it works like it’s supposed to! Brooke has flown before, but as a baby, I am excited to see how she acts on a plane!

While there in Colorado, we will be doing some things as a family like the aquarium, the children’s museum and maybe the zoo or something else. I am looking forward to making memories with my family as we explore these places.

I am hoping the weather is good so that we can enjoy the natural beauty that Colorado has to offer. I’m hoping my wife can get some good pictures…as I think she is a phenomenal photographer!

The other thing that I am stressing out about is preparing to preach while on vacation. I have been asked to preach on Thursday night at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Denver. On Sunday, I have been asked to teach Sunday School and preach Sunday night at Grace Baptist Church in Pueblo! I am honored that I have the privilege to open the Word of God and preach, but I am already nervous!

Pray for us as we travel that we would have safety and a good time! Also pray for me that I would bring the messages that God would want me to preach and that I would be used by Him to be a blessing!

Throughout the week, I will try to post pictures and videos of our adventures!

Stay tuned for exciting updates and changes to the website!!


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