Cast Not Your Lot

I was reading through Proverbs 1 the other day and I noticed something that I really hadn’t noticed before. When you read through a chapter of Proverbs each day, sometimes it seems like the same things jump off the page and are just reminded of the same issues you need to work on in life. So I was thrilled when I saw this truth and it has been on my mind since.

“My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not.

If they say, Come with us, let us lay wait for blood, let us lurk privily for the innocent without cause:

Let us swallow them up alive as the grave; and whole as those that go down into the pit:

We shall find all precious substance, we shall fill our houses with spoil:

Cast in thy lot among us; let us all have one purse:” Proverbs 1:10-14

In these verses, we see the sinner trying to entice the son and trying to get the son to go their own way, the way of foolishness and destruction. A few different things stick out from these verses, but I want to zero in on verse 14.

“Cast in thy lot among us; let us all have one purse:”

I was thinking about what this verse meant and I thought about it in a way that I have never thought of and that is what I would like to share today.

Whenever I read the book of Proverbs, I always read it in the mindset of teenager. Whenever I see the word ‘son’, I always think of him in the teenage years. Solomon was talking to his son, we really don’t know his exact age, but Proverbs is a great book for teeangers to learn from as well as adults.

So in these verses, I see the sinner telling the son to come with them. I see the worldly crowd telling the teen who has grown up in a Christian home, attends church, and has had his parents protect him from the world and the evil therein.

The sinner will entice you, no matter who you are, to get you to go with them. They want you to partake in their loose living and their evil deeds. They want you to be just like them.

When I see this verse and the sinner saying, “Cast in thy lot among us; let us all have one purse:” I think about how the sinner wishes they had what you still have.

You see, the sinner doesn’t care about you, they just want you to be just like them. If you are not part of their crowd and partaking in the things they do, they will try their hardest to get you to join them.

They want you to cast in your lot, or the wealth and riches you have, both spiritually and physically in some cases. They want you to be just like them, with nothing to show for their life.

When you cast in your lot with the sinner, you are giving up your testimony and reputation. These are the things that are valuable in life. When you say someone’s name, whoever it is, you automatically think of that person and their character, whatever it may be, good or bad.

The sinner and the world want to get you to throw your testimony and reputation into the same purse as theirs, and ruin what you have worked so hard to build. They want you to be a part of them and they know that you will never fully be a part of them until you give up your testimony and reputation.

Guard your testimony and reputation! Don’t give in to the world! There is no return on your investment in the world!

Reasons to Cast Not Your Lot

  1. Your testimony and reputation is yours. It is based on how you act and what you say and do. When you cast your lot into the world, you become just like them.
  2. When you cast your lot, you lose everything you worked for. In a matter of minutes your life can change. It takes only minutes to ruin a reputation while it takes years to build one. Don’t throw away your hard work to have a good testimony and reputation on a few minutes of feeling cool or like one of the crowd.
  3. You are not only wasting your life, but also the time and effort that was invested into you to help you build your reputation and testimony. I believe that we are who we are based on the decisions that we personally make. But I also believe that the decisions we make are influenced by those around us and those who have been in our life. Think about your parents, the preacher, the school teachers and many more, the people who have invested in your life hoping you would make it. Don’t waste their investment either.

We all have the decision to make whether we cast our lot into the world’s purse or not. It is our choice. I want to raise my children right, but that will not happen if I cast my lot. I want to make my parents proud, and others who have invested in my life, but that will not happen if I cast my lot. I have a lot riding on whether I cast my lot into the world or not.

On vacation this past week, I stopped by the church I grew up in. It was good to see many familiar faces. One person in particular, in passing, said, “It is good to see that you are still serving God.” I’m thankful that I am still living a life where that can be said about me. I pray that I would never cast my lot into the world’s purse. I pray that God would protect me and my family and 30, 40, 50 years from now, that statement can still be said about my life.


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