Weekend Conviction

Have you ever had one of those weekends that every lesson and sermon you heard spoke directly to you?

Have you ever felt like the preacher was speaking directly at you, like you were the only person in the room?

Have you ever been so convicted of what you heard Sunday that you woke up thinking about it Monday?

Today, I can answer ‘yes’ to all this.

Starting Saturday morning, the message I heard in our bus meeting is still on my mine. And it really wasn’t the whole message, it was only one point… “All In.” I have been asking myself if I am all in when it comes to serving Christ. It is easy to say that you are, or that you will be, but do your actions back up your talk. I have to stop doing enough to get by and go all in and serve the Lord with everything I have!!

Than yesterday, all the lessons and sermons were focused around stewardship and giving. We have a big Thanksgiving offering at our church every year, so the month of November is one of our stewardship months.

Throughout the day God spoke to me about my giving and where I am lacking in that area. It is easy to give God your time or your talent, the hardest thing to give him is our treasure or our money. The thing is, everything I heard yesterday was nothing new. It was lessons I grew up hearing, just some of them I have never applied in my life.

When you are convicted from something you heard in a message or even Sunday School lesson, don’t push it away. Take what you learned and apply it in your daily Christian life. I believe that one of the issues in Christianity is that we have become insensitive to the convicting of the Holy Spirit. We have decided that we can do it our own way and be fine with that. There is joy in serving the Lord and doing what he commands and tells us to do.

I hope I can take what I learned this weekend and apply it in my life to be a better servant for the Lord!!


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