Please Don’t Ask Me To Lie

It amazes me that at Christmastime, the time we celebrate the birth of Christ, the Saviour of mankind, we also partake in the sin of lying.

The first recorded sin in the Bible was the lie told by Satan. From the belief of that lie, a decision was made and now we are all sinners. Throughout the Bible we see how much God gates lying. In Proverbs 6, it’s part of the things the Lord hates.

Yet at Christmas, we lie. We lie and tell our children that Santa is real. We lie and tell them that he brings them presents based on whether they have been good or bad. We lie and tell them that he eats the cookies and and drinks the milk.

We teach our children not to lie. We teach them to be truthful and honest in everything they do. We even discipline them when they lie to us. So why lie to your children about Santa Claus.

My point is, you can tell your children what you want, but please don’t ask me to lie for you. Please don’t expect me to lie either. I don’t have a Bible verse that says that Santa Claus isn’t real so don’t believe in him, but I do have verses about lying. So please don’t ask me to lie.

I promise, I will not go out of my way to tell your child that Santa Claus isn’t real, because that’s between you, your child and God. But I also will promise this, I will not lie to your child either. I will be tactful, I will use wisdom, and in this case, I would just tell your child to go to you as their parent with any questions about Santa Claus.

I would also ask this of you, “Please don’t lie to my children about Santa Claus being real.” You don’t want me undermining your lie of Santa Claus to your child, please don’t undermine the truth I am trying to instill in my child.

I will also ask this of you, “Please don’t expect my children to lie to your child about Santa Claus either.” I will not tell my child to go around and tell other kids that Santa isn’t real, but if at some point it comes up in their conversation that Santa isn’t real, then I apologize that your child found out from my child that you have been lying to them.

As my daughters grow up, I want them to trust everything that their daddy and mommy tell them. I don’t want them to ever have a sliver of doubt in their mind that we may be lying to them. I want them to know that we will always be truthful and honest with them, just like we expect them to be with us. I want them to understand that they may not always like what we tell them, but at the same time, we are telling them the truth to help them, not hurt them.

I understand everyone’s parenting style differs. I know that I am young at this thing of parenthood, 4 years almost, but I am doing my best to raise my children the best way I know how. And one of those ways is by not lying to them, even about Santa Claus. Yes, I know I have areas to grow in and things I need to learn, but from a young age, I was taught not to lie, and now I want to teach my children that.

So to sum it all up, once again, please don’t ask me to lie. Please don’t ask my children to lie. Please don’t lie to my children.


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