Church, Why Go?

Church. Everyone has their opinions about church. What church is? What constitutes a church? All kinds of opinions about church! As previously stated, multiple times, I believe that Christ started and founded the Baptist church; so unless otherwise stated, when I refer to church, I am referring to a Baptist church.

Join me in 2019, in reading your Bible through chronologically!

Church is one of the most important places we can spend our time at, yet many people avoid it. So why go to church?

It is a requirement to be a good Christian. I know in Hebrews it says “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together…” which I do believe that it means assembling together for church. Many people view this as a command, which it is. When I think of it as a command, I see it as something that I have to do or I will be in trouble. That is the wrong reason to go to church. I like to think of it as a requirement. The Bible tells us that Christ died for the church and gave Himself for it, it also tells us that we should be holy because He that has called us is holy (I Peter 1:15-16). If you truly love Christ and want to be like Him, you will follow the requirements that He has laid out in His Word and one of those is going to church. Now just so I am clear, going to church DOES NOT save you. Some people say that you have to go to church to saved, which is a lie. Going to church is part of being a good Christian or becoming a better Christian but doesn’t make you a Christian.

It gives you a reason to serve others. Church is a great place to branch out and learn what it truly means to serve others. I have never been in a church that hasn’t needed help in some area or in some ministry. You are already spending a couple hours there, you might as well make yourself useful and serve others!

It is rewarding to go to church. If you attend church faithfully, you will experience blessings from hearing the singing and the preaching. You will hear instruction on how to life live pleasing to God. If you are involved in serving others, you will find it to be rewarding in being able to make a difference in someone’s life.

It is a refuge from this wicked world. I enjoy that I can go to church and not hear wicked, filthy language being spoken. I enjoy that I can go to church and not hear the worldly music. I enjoy that I can go to church and feel safe from this wicked world. It is a blessing to be surrounded by other believers who are also trying to live and serve God.

So why go to church? It is the best place we can be on Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night! It will help you grow in your spiritual life! It will help you learn to serve others! You will find that when you attend and serve at church, you will be blessed! Church is an oasis in this world, a refuge for the sinner!

I hope that you make the choice to attend church today! Don’t just go to get blessed, but go wanting to be a blessing to others also!


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