Letting Go Of God’s Hand

This picture popped up on my FB feed today from January 7, 2016. With it was this caption…

Brooke wanted to walk around the house holding my hand. She would let go and start fussing because I wasn’t holding her hand. She let go of me, I didn’t let go of her.

This reminds me of how we as Christians fuss when God isn’t close to us and taking care of us when in all reality, we let go of God’s hand. The Bible says that He will never leave us, nor forsake us. But we as Christians leave and forsake God and then blame Him for leaving us all alone. It’s a simple lesson with a profound truth…He’s not going to leave you, so don’t leave Him.

Did you used to walk with God?

Have you let go of God’s hand?

Do you feel all alone, left by God?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, reevaluate your walk with God. Are you daily walking with Him? Are spending time each day fellowshipping with Him?

He wants to spend time with you. The Lord went looking for Adam and Eve in the garden and they had hid themselves. It is not God who lets us walk alone, it is us who lets God walk alone!

Start walking with God everyday and you will experience the greatest relationship that you can ever have!

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