Don’t Rely On Lifestyle Evangelism

I was reading the story about Abraham and Lot. I read how Abraham was told that the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were going to be destroyed. I read how Abraham was concerned over his nephew Lot’s life and Abraham prayed and begged God to spare the cities if he could find some righteous people in the city.

Abraham started with 50 and couldn’t find 50 righteous people.

Abraham then went down to 45 people and couldn’t find that many people who were righteous!

Abraham then went to 40 and then to 30 and then down to 20. He still couldn’t find enough righteous people to fill that number.

Abraham decided to try one last time and he asked God to spare the cities for only 10 people, and he still couldn’t find that many righteous people in those cities.

Abraham went into Sodom and Gomorrah six times, 6 TIMES!!! And he still couldn’t find enough righteous people for God to spare the cities.

I look at Lot. He lived in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Over time, Lot and his family became more like the city they lived in and less like the children of God. Abraham should have been able to go into the cities and find 10 righteous people, even if it was only Lot’s family, but he couldn’t.

You see, just living a good life isn’t going to reach people. Yes, they will notice something different about you and they may wonder what is different, but the majority of the people who wonder will never ask what is different.

Abraham went into the city 6 times and didn’t reach one person!

Lot lived in the city and didn’t reach one person!

Evangelism, telling others about Christ, shouldn’t be based on the way you live and how you act, you also have to tell and share the Gospel with others!

I agree, your lifestyle will make you a better and more effective witness for Christ, because it backs up what you are telling someone. Your lifestyle shouldn’t be the only evangelism you do though.

I read of another story in the Bible, where God was going to destroy the city. He sent Jonah to go tell them of the impending judgement. Jonah took the long way to get to Nineveh but once he got there, he preached that the judgement of God was coming and that they need to repent and turn to God to be saved. The whole city turned to God and was spared the wrath of God. I wonder what would have happened if Jonah just went into the city and walked around without telling the people what was going to happen. The city of Nineveh would have been destroyed because Jonah tried to practice lifestyle evangelism.

Be like Jonah and preach the Gospel of Christ wherever you go! Be a witness for the Lord!

Do not rely on your just the way you live to lead people to Christ, you have to tell them about Christ!


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