Thoughts from Sunday

It has been awhile since I have posted, and I plan on getting back on track with posting.

Today, I just want to share 3 things from the services yesterday that stuck out to me. Each one was both convicting, yet motivating.

1. “If someone were to pattern their life after mine, where would they end up.” This was from the Sunday School lesson yesterday. I need to live a life so that my children can pattern their life after mine and end up in a place that is pleasing to God.

2. “Don’t play Russian roulette with your soul!” Great truth preached in the morning service! How many chances will God give you to get saved? There will come a day when you will have had your last chance to accept Christ as your Saviour! Don’t wait, the Bible says today is the day of salvation!!

3. “Are you bring water to the fire, or are you bring wood to the fire?” A motivating message last night to be active in soulwinning and the ministries of the church. We shouldn’t go to church looking to criticize and gossip about our fellow church members, we should go looking to see how we can edify and encourage others!

I would love to hear how God spoke to you yesterday in your church services!

2 thoughts on “Thoughts from Sunday

  1. Those were good nuggets to take away. I especially like what are you bringing to the fire wood or water? That ties in line with what God has been downloading in my spirit.

    Yesterday we talked about how Giving Breaks Cycles my pastors came from Mal 3:6-10. They talked about how cycles are broken when we give out of a sacrificial heart. Cycles are broken when we understand that our minds determine our behavior. Cycles break when we turn away from waywardness.


  2. Wow, what you shared really resonated with me. All three points! 😊 Thanks for sharing. I was under the weather, so I didn’t get to attend Sunday’s service. So I thank you for sharing what “Thus saith the Lord!” 🙌🙏💯


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