The Crowd

On Saturday, I wrote a little post on Friends. Friends (not the tv show) is something I have been thinking a lot about lately. Not only in my own life, but as I watch the younger generation in our church choose friends. Now I’m not saying I am a good judge of friends, as I know I have choose some wrong friends in the past and was that wrong friend in the past. But having lived on both sides of that fence that separate right and wrong, I think I can tell the paths that people are headed on….and the Bible also helps define those paths and the people that walk on them.

Yesterday, in Sunday School, the lesson was on the crucifixion of Christ and the events that led up to it. Bro. Pete focused on the event where the crowd chose to free Barrabas and crucify Christ. He talked about the crowd and how it was the worldly crowd because it chose the sinner over the Saviour. Now I know that Christ had to die to be able to save us from our sins but this is a good illustration of the worldly crowd.

Here is a simple definition of what I am going to call the worldly crowd.

  • First the worldly crowd can be those that are saved but live and act like the world the majority of the time.
  • Second the worldly crowd are those who are lost and living in the world.

There are always more people going the way of the world than the way of Christ. There are always more who want to live for self than live for Christ. So because of this, it is hard to find the right friends. You should be friendly to everyone, but you don’t have to hang out and chill with everyone.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to see if your crowd is a godly crowd or a worldly crowd:

  1. Is more of your crowd lost than saved?
  2. Is more of your crowd out of church than in church?
  3. Does your crowd look like, talk and act more like the world than the Word of God?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions than you are probably with the wrong crowd.

If you are with the wrong crowd now, don’t be surprised when you end up the same place they do. Because if you walk with the worldly crowd, you are going the same direction they are.

The worldly crowd does not care about you. The world does not care about your future. The world does not care about the next generation. The world wants to destroy you and make you unusable for Christ.

Choose the right crowd, choose to make friends with those who are serving God and living for God.


When I was a child, my parents stressed the importance of having the right friends.

My youth pastor preached and taught on a consistent basis the importance of having the right friends.

The older I have become, I have realized that those were some of the most important lessons and some of the best instruction, I have ever received. Having the right friends is one of the best things you can do for your life.

As a child, as a teenager, I really didn’t understand the importance of having right friends. But as I graduated high school and got out on my own, I started to see a big difference between right friends and wrong friends. When you are fresh out of high school and have your whole life ahead of you, you will be able to see your life’s direction through the friends you surround yourself with.

I look at my own life and I’m sad to say that I was a wrong friend at different points in my life. I honestly believe some of my words and actions caused some to turn from Christ. You see, everything you do in your life should point your friends to Christ. The older I get, I want to be that right friend to my friends. I want to make sure I stay surrounded by right friends.

The simple difference between right and wrong friends in the Christian life is this, a right friend will encourage you to do right and serve God while the wrong friend is the opposite in getting you to do wrong and go against God and His Word.

It bothers me to see, good kids surround themselves with wrong friends because they are the cool kids, the popular kids! They want to be accepted by the worldly crowd and soon they are that wrong friend to the next good kid.

I’m a firm believer that a good kid will not make a bad kid good. A bad kid will make a good kid bad. The Bible says “a little leaven, leaventh the whole lump.” Pour a drop of poison in a cup of water and that poison spreads and contaminates the water. Pour a drop of water into a cup of poison and what do you get? A cup of water? No! You have a cup of poison still!

That worldly kid, that worldly young adult is not a good influence to you if you are trying to serve God. Surround yourself with friends that are serving God, that want to do right, that obey the rules, that obey the Bible. Have friends that encourage you to pray and read your Bible and go soul winning.

Find a right friend. Be a right friend.

Are You Willing To Die For, What You Live For?

A statement was said yesterday in church that just stuck with me. It is one of those statements that really make you analyze your own Christian life and what you do on a daily basis.

“Many say that they would die for Christ, but so few live for Christ.”

If you can read this statement and say that you would die for Christ, ask yourself do you live for Christ? It is a question I am asking myself.

Does your life exemplify Christ? Can someone look at you and say, “That person loves Christ so much, that I am sure he would give his life for the cause of Christ.” Would anyone say that about you? Or is the statement that someone would say be something like this, “Really? They are a Christian? I couldn’t tell by the way they dress or the way they talk or the music they listen to!”

We say we love Jesus Christ, yet we do not serve Him like we should.

We say we love the King James Bible, yet we do not follow the rules, standards and guidelines it has for us.

Ask yourself this question, “Am I willing to die for, what I live for?”