Are You Willing To Die For, What You Live For?

A statement was said yesterday in church that just stuck with me. It is one of those statements that really make you analyze your own Christian life and what you do on a daily basis.

“Many say that they would die for Christ, but so few live for Christ.”

If you can read this statement and say that you would die for Christ, ask yourself do you live for Christ? It is a question I am asking myself.

Does your life exemplify Christ? Can someone look at you and say, “That person loves Christ so much, that I am sure he would give his life for the cause of Christ.” Would anyone say that about you? Or is the statement that someone would say be something like this, “Really? They are a Christian? I couldn’t tell by the way they dress or the way they talk or the music they listen to!”

We say we love Jesus Christ, yet we do not serve Him like we should.

We say we love the King James Bible, yet we do not follow the rules, standards and guidelines it has for us.

Ask yourself this question, “Am I willing to die for, what I live for?”

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