Pray for Las Vegas

I woke up this morning and saw the news of the attack in Las Vegas. At that time it was 20 killed and 200 injured. Throughout the day, that number rose to 59 killed and over 500 injured.

Such a sad and devastating time for many.

It’s sad that someone would do such a thing.

It’s sad that kids are without parents.

It’s sad that husbands are without our wives.

It’s sad that wives are without husbands.

It’s sass that parents are without their children.

It’s sad that all this heartache was caused by selfishness.

It’s sad that Christians aren’t moved with compassion to spread the Gospel.

It’s sad that we are comfortable in our houses while others suffer.

It’s sad that we have the best news in the world and we keep it to ourselves.

I’m sad that I haven’t done more to spread the Gospel.

I’m convicted of my lack of witnessing.

I’m convicted that I have been selfish and not told those around me about Christ.

You may have not known anyone that was involved in that mass attack and tragedy. It may not affect you directly. But it should convict you that as the return of Christ draws near to be a witness to the lost.

Stop and say a prayer tonight. Pray for those families that are affected by this tragedy. Pray for all the hurt that people will have to deal with through this. Pray for Las Vegas and the lost souls that are there.

Pray that you would be a better witness for Christ.

Pray that you would make an eternal difference for Christ in the lives that you touch.

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