You’re The Reason There Is No Revival

Something I have been thinking about a lot lately is why there is a lack of revival in churches.

And I figured out the answer…

The lack of revival in churches today is that there is a lack of revival in the Christian.

Revival – an improvement in the condition or strength of something,  instance of something becoming popular, active, or important again.

Revival doesn’t start at church. Revival starts in the prayer closet at home. Revival starts in the early morning walk with God. Revival starts in the inward heart of man. When Christians truly have revival in their own personal life, you will see a church that is having revival.

Revival starts with me. Revival starts with you. I pray that as you read this, you will be convicted like I was.

The verse I always think about when the topic of revival comes up is 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” This is a pretty famous verse in the Bible and it is used a lot for revival. I just think that most Christians, including myself, miss following and obeying ALL the instructions given here in this verse.

Let’s break this verse down and start with “If my people, which are called by my name.” When I see this phrase, I see that it is talking to we as Christians. Those who are have accepted Christ as their Saviour are called Christians. So I read this and I realize, hey this is talking to me! I am one of His people and I am called a Christian after His name! Let me see what else this verse is saying…

“Shall humble themselves.” The word “humble” means having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance. God wants us to be humble. He wants us to be modest about who we are as Christians. Just because we have Christ as our Saviour doesn’t make us any better than the next person, we are still human and still have a sin problem. You see, our biggest problem is pride. Pride is the opposite of humble. Pride is the original sin. God will not listen to the prideful, the first step is to humble yourself before God.

Once you humble yourself, we see the second step. “And pray, and seek my face.” When I read this, I see that we are supposed to have a relationship with God. We need to pray and seek His face. You will not have a relationship with God if you are not humble. Revival comes through following specific steps in the right order. I was talking to a friend today about this subject and I told him that the step most Christians probably do is pray. I believe most Christians pray and I would dare say most pray a few times a day. The problem is that most prayers are vain repetition and we are just praying to look good. If you and I want revival in our churches, than we need to have revival in our walk with God. We need to pray earnestly every day, we need to read His Word and take heed to it everyday.

“And turn from their wicked ways.” Here is where it gets real, here is where we find out who really wants revival and who doesn’t. I decided to pull out my Strong’s Concordance to see what this word “wicked” meant in the Hebrew text. I was surprised at what i found. When we think of “wicked” we think of something really evil. We think of the worst of the worst. Well in this verse, here is what the the word means, bad or evil. Strong’s Concordance also gives other words used in the KJB that the same Hebrew word was translated into and here are some of those words: adversity, affliction, bad, calamity, displease (-ure), distress, evil, exceedingly great grief, harm, heavy, hurt (-ful), ill (favoured), mark, mischief (-vous), misery, naught (-ty), noisome, not please, sad (-ly), sore, sorrow, trouble, vex, wicked (-ly, -ness), worse (-st), wretchedness, and wrong. The word “wicked” here covers a multitude of things. God is talking about the Christian, His own, in this verse. He is telling us that we need to turn from our wicked ways….these wicked ways are anything that goes against His Word, anything that displeases God. The wicked way is anything that is a sin unto God, no matter how big or how little you think it is. You may not drink, cuss, or sleep around but what kind of music do you listen to, what kind of clothes do you wear? God has given us a rule book as a Christian to live our life by and we pick and choose which rules we want to follow.

“Then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” God tells us what He will do after we do our part. We ask God why we can’t have revival, the answer lies in something we are lacking, something that we aren’t doing. You and I can take that word, “land” and replace it with the word “church.” We as individual Christians do our part, than God will heal our church! He will improve the strength and condition of our church. The church is not a building, it is a group of people who meet together to worship God. If each person in that group decides they want revival in their own life and follow the steps that God has laid out, than that group of people, that church, will see revival.

The reason why we have ‘dead’ churches is because we have ‘dead’ Christians. Christians who live and dress like the world all week and than try to play church on Sunday, our churches are full of them. From positions of leadership all the way to regular church member, we all need revival in our own personal lives.

Revival will happen when we humble ourselves, walk with God, and turning from our wicked ways!

Don’t be the member that is holding back God from blessing your church!


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