Which Typical Christian Are You?

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In the WordPress world, the daily prompt is ‘typical’. I try to look at the prompts each day and see if it sparks an idea to write about. I looked at today’s prompt this morning and have been thinking about it all day.

The first thing I usually do is see what the word actually means. So here is a definition of typical: having the distinctive qualities of a particular type of person or thing. 

I got to thinking about how this word typical can apply to the Christian life. My question is are you a typical Christian? Are you a typical Christian according to the world’s standards or to God’s standards?

A typical Christian in the world’s eyes may consist of someone who goes to church Sunday morning, doesn’t party too much and tries to live a clean life. I am sure there are other reasons that the world would give in there definition of a typical Christian, but I want to focus on God’s view of a typical Christian.

What is God’s standard of a typical Christian?  I believe it is someone who walks with Him on a daily basis, they have a close relationship. A typical Christian in God’s eyes is someone who worships Him. They worship Him in a biblical sense giving Him all the honour and glory and praise for everything in their life. Another standard of a typical Christian is one who works for God. They don’t do the right thing because men are watching, they do the right thing because God is watching.

If we base our Christianity off of the world, than yes we will be a typical Christian in the world’s eyes. But we will fail to hit the mark that God has set for us. It is all up to you to decide which kind of typical Christian you want to be.

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