Don’t Push The Rebel Away

I have heard the term rebel a few times growing up in church. Some directed at me and some directed at others. I believe in hard preaching and calling sin, sin. But I also believe that there should be some counseling and instruction before you get up and preach a pointed message and rip someone’s face off. If they don’t heed the instruction and still choose to live in sin, than by all means, preach it hard!

A rebel is someone who resists authority or control. A rebel is someone who does what they want to do when they have been told what to do.

We hear the term ‘rebel’ used a lot with teenagers. Saying that one is a rebellious teenager or they are rebelling against authority. I did it, I rebelled, I did my own thing, but there came a point when I had to learn a lesson a hard way and I decided that what I have been told was actually better than what I was doing.

If you have a teenager or work with teens that are in that state of rebellion, don’t push them away. Love them! Be stern with them! Be consistent with them! These are all things that I saw in people who have helped me through rebellious times.

So if you do come across someone in a rebellious stage, remember you were probably there once or twice in your life, and treat them with kindness. Don’t push the rebel away! Remember someone helped you!

via Daily Prompt: Rebel

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