3 Ways A Christian Should Stand At Work

I have worked in a secular workplace since I have graduated high school. I have spent about 10 years in the warehouse and logistics industry and I did about 2 years of lawn care. For the most part, I have enjoyed working in these fields and I enjoy the job where I am at.

One thing I have realized is that as a Christian, the world has a higher expectation for me in the workplace. It seems like they are always watching to see how you handle yourself, to see if you work hard and to see if you are what you really are.

I have learned 3 things about being a Christian in the workplace. They may not be easy to do all the time but they are always the best thing to do.

  1. Stand Up for Right. It is always right to do right, no matter the situation. Too many Christians go to work and are afraid to stand up for right. Don’t let the world drag you down into their ways! Stand for right!!
  2. Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Out. We live in a society where we have to fit in. We have to fit into their dress, their music, their speech! We have to be like them or they look at you as the weird one. If you line up with the Bible, you are the normal one and they are the weird one. Be different!
  3. Stand Strong. Stand, no matter what happens, stand! When opposition comes, stand! When the devil fights, stand! When it seems too hard, stand! God will bless and take care of those who stand for right no matter the cost.

Wherever you are and wherever you work, just learn to stand. Stand for Christ and He will stand with you.

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