Be A Doer!

If you haven’t noticed, I have been taking a journey through James. James is one of my favorite books. James is a book full of simple principles for the daily life. There are some deep wells of truth in James, but at the same time there are some shallow brooks of truths that all may come drink from.

Probably one of the most iconic verses in James is James 1:22. It is a reminder of what we should do with the Word of God, and ultimately how we should live our lives.

“But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.” James 1:22

So many Christians are just hearers of the word. They heard the Word of the Lord for salvation and accepted Him as their Saviour and that is where the Word stopped. Some may go to church for a while to tip their cap to God and that is where the Word stopped. Some may read their Bible and pray everyday, but that is where the Word stopped. Some may tell others about Christ and that is where the Word stopped.

Everyone of us have heard the Word and everyone of us, in some way, have stopped. Whether it be in some commandment or in some standard or even some principle that is in the Word of God, we have stopped doing…or maybe never even started.

Christians, especially seasoned Christians, are good at picking and choosing what they want to DO out of the Word of God. They want to DO what fits their lifestyle and their likes and wants. They will hear the Word but not do the Word if conflicts with their desires.

As, I sit here typing this out, I am becoming convicted myself in where I stopped doing certain things. The only reasons I have for not doing what I should be doing are lame excuses.

We need less hearers and more doers of the Word!

Do read the Bible.

Do pray.

Do be a witness to others.

Do attend church.

Do tithe and give offerings.

Do be kind one to another.

Do love one another.

Do obey the standards that are found in the Bible.

We have all heard these things before, it is time we start doing them!

To top it all off, God says if you are just a hearer, you are only deceiving yourself. You are only hurting yourself. You are only keeping the blessing of God from you.

Be a DOER!!

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