God Has Already Made the Choice

I came across this quote today in a quote book I have been reading and it stuck out to me more than the rest.

We are faced with many choices each day, what we do with those choices determines our direction and destiny in life. As a Christian, we face choices that can either build our reputation or harm our reputation as a Christian.

I like what this quote says, “…God has already made your choices for you.” We have the Bible, the Word of God, and it gives us instructions for every area of life. If we follow those instructions, we will be successful. If we try to do our own thing, we will fail.

Whether it is a big decision or a simple daily decision, we should see what God says to do, and do it. It is that simple. If we can learn to live by using the Word of God to guide our life, than life will be easy. I am not saying that times won’t get rough but when they do, you will know that you are doing the right thing.

The easy part is knowing what to do and what God has told us to do. The hard part is following through and obeying and doing that command.

We know what is right and wrong; yet, we still try to justify why we should do this or that. If it is wrong, it is always wrong. If it is right, it is always right. There is no gray area with God. There is no area where it is a judgement call based on the situation that we are in.

Live life knowing God already made the choices, it will make it easier to follow through on those choices.

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