God Gives The Increase

This past weekend, we celebrated the 57th anniversary of Bethel Baptist Church in Walls, Mississippi. It was the last day of our fall campaign so we had a big push to reach as many people as we could and have as many people on property as we could on Sunday.

I am over a section on our bus route. I have a few parents that I have been asking for months to come on our big day. Some of them said yes, they would come. I was excited that I was going to have some of my bus parents at church on Sunday. When I went to their house on Saturday and asked if they were coming, they were like Bro. (to remain nameless) invited me or sent me a card this week. Later on Saturday, I asked this guy why he was stealing my bus parents, and he laughed and gave some lame excuses.

I was upset, I really was. I had built up a relationship with some of them and he swooped in and stole them. I could have stayed upset and let it ruin my weekend, but I had to remember “it doesn’t matter who gets them to church as long as we can get them there!”

I thought of a specific verse, “I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase.” I Corinthians 3:6 I planted the seed, someone else came along and watered, but in the end it was God who gave the increase.

We can get all caught up in recognition and praise, when really it was all God. Anything good that happens in our life, in our ministry is because God found favour in us to give us the increase.

Like I posted earlier today about teamwork and being in one accord, that is how we have to be in the ministry. Whether it is your job to go till the ground or plant the seed. Whether it is your job to pull the weeds or to water. We all have specific jobs that need to be done so that God can give the increase.

What if I didn’t plant that seed for the last three months. The watering would have been in vain and those parents may not have come to church.


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